Please note, that Mobincube is recommended for people with some professional programming experience, otherwise we suggest you to start building your first mobile application with Swiftic platform (it is better for non-programmers). 


So you are excited about the rapid growth of mobile technologies and have an idea for making an app? But you do not plan to spend thousands of dollars, right? “How can I make an app for free?” – this is the question you ask yourself! And after reading this short tutorial, you will know exactly how to make an app for free (or at very low cost) with simple drag and drop app maker software!

How to make an app in 20 minutes (tutorial)

Step-by-step guide to Mobincube app maker software

How to make app interfaces

Mobincube is free app maker software (also called app creator or app builder). It does not require years of programming experience, but some experience is recommended. The platform uses the drag and drop approach to make your own app visually.


You add Elements (like images, text, sounds, videos, etc.) and assign a set of Actions to execute when users interact with the Elements. Please note that you will learn how to make an app with Mobincube just after you finish reading this tutorial, but for large and complicated apps, you may need to spend weeks to master Mobincube's advanced features, like databases. For those who want to make apps of higher complexity, we will be giving some advanced tips too (check out the Related Articles).


Let’s get started with a simple app first! Just follow these steps with us and make your own app today, absolutely free of charge:

1) The first step you need to do is to open a free account with Mobincube (online app maker software used in this tutorial). The registration process is simple, so there is no need to explain how to do it. You may need to confirm your email address, so check your Spam folder in case you can't see any email from Mobincube.


2) After you log in to your Mobincube online app maker account you will see your dashboard.

App maker software online

This is the place where you normally see all your apps.


Don’t worry if Mobincube offers for you to upgrade your account to a paid one straight away. The free account is fully functional, it just has a limitation to the number of downloads allowed for your app. You can upgrade your account later if you need to, but there is no need to do it to make your first app! You can just use a free version for as long as you want!


Since you did not make an app yet, you will see the “START creating Apps with Mobincube” button instead of the app list. After you make your own app or at least save its first draft version, you will see the app listed on this dashboard panel. For example, below, you can see an app, called Sydney City Guide that we have just made as an example for this tutorial. After we click in the top right corner of the app icon, we see a pop-up menu to manage our app (for example, in the Info section, you will edit such details as app icon, description, in-app advertising settings, etc.).

How to make an app with Mobincube

Let’s create a similar app for you!


3) So, to start making an app, press the START button.


Give it a name first! You can call your application “[your city/region/suburb] Guide” instead of Sydney City Guide. These types of city guide apps are very popular among app developers currently, because they are easy to make, and allow the use of a simple business model (where you create and promote a city guide app and then contact restaurants, night clubs, art galleries, etc. and they pay you to be listed in your app).


You will see the following screen:

Free app maker software

You can start your app from a number of pre-constructed templates, or you can make an app from scratch. The further drag and drop visual construction process will be the same, but if you choose a template, you will find some Elements placed on the canvas of your app already.


Choose to start making an app from a template.


4) You will see a number of popular templates in different industries.

App maker templates

As you see in the middle of the screenshot, there is the City Guide template, so let’s choose it! App templates save you time, so that you can make your own app by just editing a set of ready to go Elements and screens. For example, when making an event app you will auto-include such sections as About, Agenda, Location, Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3, Speakers, etc. When you choose to make a yoga studio app, you will have such sections as Activities, Teachers, Schedule, Location, etc.

Convert website to app

One of the templates is called Web to App and serves as a website-to-app convertor. It works well for almost any type of website. After choosing this template, you will be asked for your website address, and in a minute, you will be able to enjoy the Convert Website to App tool for free. Other services charge hundreds of dollars for the same task. This is actually another way to make an app: you can use any good self-service drag and drop website builder, like Wix or Site123, to create a stunning website, and then just use this free Convert Website to App software solution.


Keep this opportunity in mind and share the link to this tutorial with your friends, as a free Website to App convertor is something that many people are interested in finding! Now, we will proceed to the next step of our Sydney City Guide app creation, using the City Guide template from Mobincube.

5) Below, you can see how the app editing software looks:

Make your own app online

If you choose to make apps from templates, then you will see a help wizard located on a blue background at the top of your app maker interface. You have two options: complete this wizard step by step or close it and use whatever Elements and Actions you want. If you choose to follow the wizard, then some parts of your app maker interface (that do not relate to the current step of your wizard) will not work – this can make you confused! However, if you choose to close the wizard, then the whole interface of your app maker software will be available to work with.


6) Let’s study the interface! We recommend that you follow the wizard and take some simple steps that it suggests to you, even if you do not yet understand what exactly is happening. After you did your best and finish, just come back to this part of our tutorial and continue with us (again, because if you do not complete or close the wizard, some parts of your online app maker software will not work properly). Done? Amazing, let’s continue!


From the left side of the app maker interface, you see your app canvas – the place you drag and drop your Elements to. As you can see, we added a photo of the famous Opera House by uploading it from our computer. To do this, you just drag and drop a new Image Element from the Add Elements section you see at the top of your app maker software, and then you click Select to upload a new image file. You will see the Action dropdown list in the middle of the editor. We selected Play Action from the dropdown list. Then, we uploaded an audio file from our computer so that when a user interacts with this image Element inside the app, he/she will hear the music we uploaded.


In the same way, you add and edit an Element and assign an Action to it. On the image below, we are editing the small image at the top of the app canvas. Below you can see the full list of Actions available for this Element.

Drag and drop app maker software

For example, there are the following Actions available: Go To Screen (allows you to establish the navigation through your app), Call (makes a call to a phone number), Open URL (opens an internet browser with the given website address), Share (allows you to share a piece of text or an image to a social media network), etc. This list displays only Actions for the image Element. You will have other Actions for other types of Elements, for example such Actions as Send An SMS or Submit Form (sends user input information to an email address, script, database, phone, etc.).


To see the list of all Actions available in Mobincube online app maker software, just use their help section and enter “Actions” into the search box.


7) In a similar, simple way, you can add other Elements, assign Actions to them, add new screens, and navigate between them (using the Go To Screen Action). To start editing another screen, you need to select it from the list (as your template already has some pre-constructed screens included) and double click it. See the screenshot below – the list of screens is on the right side.

How to make your own app online

8) When you make apps that utilize many instances of the same type of data, you can set your screens to take this data from a database. For example, when you want to add some new restaurants to our City Guide app, you just open the Mobincube database editor and input all related information there, in a simple way of editing the cells of a table. After the app is launched, your “Where to eat” section can display all the restaurants you entered into your database. Below you see the default database provided to you by the City Guide app template. It includes three restaurants, clubs, shops and events.

Make apps for Android and iOS

Moving on, after filling in some information about the city and creating the database of attractions, you will also need to edit the Global Map page, where you identify your city’s location on the global map. You will include the map view and its geo coordinates. It’s simple!


So, if you already have some text and images prepared, you know how to make your own app visually (at least our example of Sydney City Guide app). The last thing left is publishing our app! Let’s move into it!


9) The good thing about Mobincube online app maker software is that not only do you learn how to make an app in a simple and exciting way, but you are explained how to publish the app. Before publishing your app, you need to request a preview. It may take several minutes, because you will be put into a queue with other app developers. You can make a preview for Android or iOS.

How to make an Android app

After your preview is finished, you can publish your app to Mobincube servers and then get a download link to immediately download the app onto your Android device. You can share this link with your friends or other people too. You can then publish your app to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Mobincube software will explain what exactly you need to do, including the part that you need to do externally: opening an Android developer account for $25 lifetime (you pay directly to Google) or an Apple developer account for $99.99 per year (you pay directly to Apple). Just follow the simple instructions or ask for help from the Mobincube customer support team in case you have some problem with publishing.

How to publish your app

Generally, the process is straight forward for Android and a bit more complicated for iOS. Besides having an iOS developer account, you need to have a Mac computer so you can work with iOS native files and publish your application to the App Store. It’s more business/administrative than technical, so we recommend that you publish your app to Mobincube servers first and download it to your Android device to test it. It will take just a few minutes. After downloading the application to your phone, make sure you click on the file to install it! Done!


Usually, people are happy to learn how to make an app and publish it to their Android device, but do not stop after that – they publish to Google Play and the App Store. iOS devices are even more popular in some countries, and their audience is generally wealthier, so make a little effort to publish to the Apple App Store, too, even if it is a bit more difficult compared to Google Play!


Congratulations on making your own app with Mobincube!

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