You’ve had an idea for a mobile app to support or extend your business, and you’ve planned your budget and your marketing strategy (if not, visit the main page of our website,, to find some tips on how to do it). It’s time to get started on app development! Of course, you can use self-service drag and drop app creation software, like Swiftic, and build an app yourself. But if your app requirements are complex and you do not have any experience in this field, or you’ve already gone the self-service software route and found that you want to add additional features or customize your app further, you’ll need someone to develop an app for you. This means either hiring an in-house mobile developer, either as an employee of your business or as an independent contractor, or you can hire a freelance app developer.


If you think that a freelance app developer may be right for your new mobile app project, the next step is to decide how to hire the freelancer. There are many websites that connect freelance app developers with clients, and they help you to handle the entire process, from your initial search to requirement discussions, hiring, the development milestones, and the payment. Using one of these sites helps ensure that payment and product delivery all happen the way they’re supposed to, and they’re good, whether you’re going to need freelancers only occasionally or as a regular part of your business model.


Fiverr is probably the best place to find any freelance Android developers or freelance iOS developers, especially in case you need a low-to-medium complexity mobile app, developed quickly and at a very affordable price. Fiverr is unrivaled in terms of speed and price for all small business services (from logo design or content writing to mobile app development and support). The quality is very competitive, too. But sometimes it will not be enough! So, let’s compare this platform to other major freelance platforms and see which one may be better suited for your app development needs.

Freelance app developers: how to choose and hire

Other major freelance platforms (let’s call them “traditional”), like Upwork or PeoplePerHour, work on a bidding system: clients like you post their jobs with a description of the work, when it will need to be completed by, and a price range. Then, freelancers can find it listed in their job feeds, which they can customize to search for particular categories and keywords, and they can apply for the job by writing a proposal, providing any sample work, and making a bid. Clients then review these proposals, contact potential freelancers to get more information if necessary, and then finally hire someone for the job. Clients may need to repost the job if they don’t find someone who is suitable.


If you’re new to mobile app development, you may not know how much time it reasonably takes to develop a project like yours, or what you can expect for your money. Maybe you’re not entirely sure how to create an accurate job listing on a freelance website that will attract the freelance iOS developer or freelance Android developer you need. Technical terminology can be a lot to learn, and if this is your first app, you may not know exactly what to ask for, even if you have a good idea of what you want your final product to be. All of this can make the traditional freelance platforms a bit intimidating to get started with.


Also, many of these traditional freelance platforms do allow you to look for the type of freelancer that you need without posting a job. It is not the best way to hire mobile app developers, though. The thing is freelancer profiles usually mention a wide range of skills and tools, and some of them may not be supported by relevant business experience. This means you need to be ready to interview a lot of people, until you find someone skillful enough. For example, you can search for freelance iOS developers and then review their profiles and contact them through the site. But you need some technical expertise to find out who is really skillful enough. These traditional freelance websites work best when you know exactly what you’re looking for from a technical point of view.

freelance iOS developers

Even if you post a job, you’re not guaranteed to get the applicants you want. You’ll have to review each freelancer’s proposal, check their profiles, and then decide whether to give one of them the job or continue looking. It can be a time-consuming process, and you may find yourself frustrated and unsure of the right choice. In case you feel like this, Fiverr is probably a better option for you, because it is made to be simple and solve exact small problems, and thus the process takes much less time. But this type of simplicity is also a downside. You will not be given enough tools to conveniently manage a complicated mobile app development project, only a simple one.


What about in-house mobile developers? If you have considered a freelance app developer, but have been searching online and still feel frustrated, you may think of hiring an in-house developer instead. If you are going to have lots of ongoing development work, this may be a good option. But if you don’t foresee creating many apps or needing a lot of maintenance, then working with a freelancer is a more affordable option. In-house developers require office space, insurance, social benefits, and other expenses, all after the time and effort that it takes to find them. Sometimes this is worth it, and you may find the convenience of working with someone in-house to be worth the investment in an employee. But most small and medium business owners choose freelance platforms, especially Fiverr, to search for freelance app developers these days.


Being more specific about Fiverr, the process of hiring a freelance mobile app developer will look like the following (at least for a standard low-to-medium complexity project). First, freelance app developers post a “gig” offering a specific package of services for a fixed price and within a fixed timeframe, often with available extras. They may have a variety of packages available for the different kinds of projects they’re able to do. For non-standard cases, some Fiverr’s freelance mobile app developers would also work with you to set up custom offers. Fiverr is the most popular freelance website in the world, so no matter what your project requires, you will probably find someone on Fiverr who will be able to meet your expectations.


Important thing to mention: this is an international platform, and English is the communication language. You may find a freelancer who speaks your language, too, but the choice will be much thinner. If you are looking for a freelance iOS developer or a freelance Android developer for your app, you will find many gigs on Fiverr that seem to meet your needs… but consider sending a private message to the developer before actually placing your order, just to make sure!


For example, you can start by doing a search for a freelance iOS developer, narrow it down based on price or any other criteria you may have, and then start browsing through the gigs available. You can read reviews and often see examples of the developer’s work. You should feel free to start a conversation with the developer to make sure that they understand your project and that they are available. Ask them any questions you may have and see if they’ll be a good fit for you. Then, you simply purchase the appropriate gig and your freelance app developer gets to work. Below you can see an example of iOS app developer, offering his gigs on Fiverr:


freelance Android developers

Also make sure a freelance iOS developer is able to provide you with examples of their work, published in the Apple App Store. This helps to understand how experienced they are, as it is generally harder to publish an iOS app to the Apple App Store than an Android app to the Google Play Store. Developers can also offer support for the apps they help you develop. If you expect that you’ll need ongoing support, you can sometimes use the same freelance iOS developer from Fiverr or hire a support person separately.


Hiring a freelance Android developer on Fiverr will usually cost you much less than it would on other freelancing sites. Instead of waiting to get proposals and then deleting 98% of them on a traditional freelance platform like Upwork (because many proposals will, unfortunately, overlook your basic requirements), on Fiverr, it is more client friendly and you’ll find gigs offered at all price ranges. As this marketplace is very competitive, you will normally get more from a freelance Android developer that charges more. But if you’re on a shoestring budget, you can still find someone on Fiverr qualified enough to help you create your Android app.


If you have repeat business for a freelance mobile app developer, it’s easy to build a relationship with someone via Fiverr. You don’t have to hire a new freelance Android developer every time you need to create an update for your app - for example, for a new version of the Android operating system. You can work with the same freelance Android developer time and time again, and Fiverr even facilitates custom orders if you find someone whose work you like but they don’t have exactly what you need set up as a gig. Again, it’s always a good idea to send a freelancer a message to see if they’re able to do something for you that isn’t mentioned exactly in their gig description. Chances are good that they’ll be able to help, and they will set up a custom order for you.


To summarize, Fiverr's prices are generally more reasonable than you see on any other major freelance website, their system of payment is simple and easy to use, and the platform itself lets you find a proper mobile developer faster. You’ll also save money by choosing a gig that very closely fits your needs. The website and app both function well and are easy to navigate, and the help center is great, making the whole experience of working with any freelancers (including freelance app developers) free of unnecessary complications. PeoplePerHour (the best of traditional freelance platforms) is better if you are ok with long apply-reject process and you have exact developer-ready requirements. In-house developers are better for a long-term, complicated mobile app, in case it is a key part of your business model. But in-house app developers are very expensive compared to freelancers. And you can still consider building your app yourself using self-service drag and drop software like Swiftic.


Don’t let yourself be intimidated by the many options out there for hiring freelance Android developers or even more expensive freelance iOS developers (many freelancers can do development on both platforms, though). Every option we described has its stronger and weaker sides for any particular type of project, so after you understand what you want exactly, you’ll be able to get a great app. And don’t forget that after you finish your mobile app development, it needs to be promoted by some wide-reaching advertising campaigns, otherwise your great app will not ever be seen by people (browse for app promotion tips from the main page of our website).

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