As you may have already learned on our website, it is not so difficult to build your own mobile app, even for those who have no experience in coding. There are many free tools that allow you to build your own app, especially if your mobile application is pretty typical. For those without any programming experience, we recommend starting with Swiftic app building software. You will need to pay some reasonable price for using their app builder, but it is excellent for dummies, and it is fully drag and drop. After finishing your visual app development process, you can easily publish your application in the App Store or Google Play Store. If you follow their guidelines, of course.

How to build your own app and make money

If you were brave enough to spend time, and you did learn how to build your own app, then the only thing left is a good idea and hours of designing and testing. After your mobile application is finished, the biggest challenge is actually making it popular. Only a considerable pool of users will allow you to monetize your app for a respectable income. We already published some app promotion tips, PPC user guide, and even App Store Optimization tips, so after reading those articles, you will be ready to promote your app and get many downloads. Now you are ready to learn how to make money with your app.


Many newbie application developers ask: “Can I make money with a mobile app?”. The answer is simple: “Yes, you can!”. There are thousands of mobile apps making good money, but it is because they did efficiently set up both promotion and monetization aspects. There are so many ways to monetize your app, so if the promotion side is done, you should start assessing and testing all the monetization options suitable for your app, because you will need to choose the most profitable ones.


In this article, we do not analyze the situation when the monetization model is already build-in inside your product, but instead we will talk about the most common situation - when the monetization is handled by some third-party tools. People rarely plan their monetization model in advance, which is unfortunate, but not too bad, because still you can monetize your app, even after the main development work is done.

How to build your own app and make money

If your application is popular, then you can make money selling advertising in your mobile app. Those people who downloaded and installed your app can see some videos, images, and text ads - people can interact with those elements, and advertisers will pay you money for getting some new clients. Because you are the owner of a mobile app, you are interested in maximizing the revenue taken from each single app user. Speaking in professional online marketing language, you need to maximize your CPM (the amount you get per one thousand of contacts with the advertisements). If you are sure, your visitors enjoy your mobile app, and it has a high level of trust in their mind, you can switch using some CPA (cost per action) revenue model. It is usually easier to make good money with CPA monetization, but it will work better only in case you have a quality product.


The most usual scenario with both CPM and CPA monetization models is the following:


1) You choose an advertising provider. For example, Microsoft Advertising network for CPM or a selected affiliate network (like for CPA model.


2) You install some piece of code in your mobile application to start showing advertisements.


3) When someone clicks or interacts with an advertisement, your balance will be credited by that selected advertising network; you will be paid as soon as your balance reaches their payment threshold.


It takes time to learn how to build your own app and make money, and you will need to polish every step of the development, promotion and monetization stages because you need to be very efficient. Otherwise your business model will not be strong enough to beat your competition. As in every business, making money is not easy, but if you work hard and try to improve on daily basis, your app will earn enough to make you a living. So, do you have a great idea? Then start building your own mobile app now!